Current Stock.

Our latest exhibition table is pictured below, (click on it), with the current Solid Silver stock available. Due to ongoing sales and creation of bespoke new designs it is ever changing.


All items are designed, handmade and totally unique to us, we rarely replicate them.

We don't want them copied therefore are not pictured in detail on this website.


Please visit us at our exhibitions to satisfy yourself of the high quality of originality, workmanship, or to discuss a commission to buy / order your very own silver jewellery items.

Safe in the knowledge it's going to be perfect and made just for you.


if you have your own design or idea for your unique piece please detail it and we will do our best to consult with you to ensure we handmake it to your exacting standards. Please click to see our Exhibitions table with our current Solid Silver stock, Bespoke items we create are totally unique and we don't want them copied